The Cave Clan

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The Cave Clan

Welcome to the official home page of the Cave Clan!

We are/were a fan club dedicated to Nick Cave.

Our group was formed in the mid 1980's from a group of friends who all met at a Nick Cave concert in Sydney, Australia.

Mr Nicholas Edward Cave is the best Australian musician, writer and actor that has ever lived. Known for his baritone voice and handsome good looks. He fronted the rock band "Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds". His music is characterised by emotional intensity, a slew of ex lovers and lyrical obsessions with death, religion, and violence.

Unfortunately our club is shutting down due to declining membership.


You can make an offer by sending us a message here: contact us

Cave Clan (disambiguation)

1. The Cave Clan is a close-knit group in the Warrior Cat discord Island of Royale. The Island of Royale is a Warrior Cat discord-based roleplay game based around three clans called Grove, Cave, and Spring. It is purely fictional, but nevertheless an indulgent way for young and old alike to spend time together.

2. The Cave Clan is a graffiti gang and urban exploration club. The Cave Clan was established in the 1990's in Sydney, Australia. They like to explore tunnels and caves, along with rooftops and abandoned buildings. They are also known for tagging, throw ups and bombing trains, with many of the artworks being featured in the club magazine. Their most frequent activities are drinking beer, graffiti, exploring underground stormwater drains, bunkers, tunnels and forts.